Taxidermy Animals

Animal Taxidermy has been performed for thousands of years, starting with the preservation of cats by the Egyptians.  The word Taxidermy is Greek, meaning the classification of skins and was adopted by craftsmen and specialists who were able to preserve an animal by first removing the skin and then mounting the pelt onto a wireframe model made from plastic, clay or a similar material that allows for the animal to be posed.  The original body of the animal will be measured and often moulded to create the frame to mount the skin.

The animal is then placed in an attractive position, glass eyes are added to add to the overall look and small details such as whiskers can also be attached too.  You will most often find stuffed animals in museums or galleries, where creatures from all over the world have been kept in excellent condition for all to see, thanks to the work of the taxidermist.

A more modern way for animals to be preserved is through the use of freeze drying.  This method is very effective but can also be quite expensive.  Due to the cost and sizes of equipment needed to use this method, only smaller specimens are freeze dried, such as birds, small lizards or insects.  The whole process can take up to 6 months to complete and is popular with people who wish to preserve family pets.

Amphibian Mounts.

This area covers small amphibians such as frogs, toads and salamanders.  Small water and land dwelling animals are perfect specimens for capturing and preserving.

Bird Mounts.

One of the most popular kinds of taxidermy.  Eagles, Owls, birds of prey and colourful parrots are popular mounts in this category.

Cat Mounts.

This section overs the humble family feline as well as other rarer breeds such as the manx cat.

Dog Mounts.

Preserving dogs is another popular use for taxidermy as people wish to have their pets as mounts after they have passed away.  There are many types that are preserved, but Poodles, Terriers and Alsatians are popular if you want to buy one.

Fish Mounts.

Mounting the large Bass or sea fish that you caught on vacation is very popular and is a great way to prove to your friends you caught the one that got away.  If you want a mounted shark, then this is the section for you.

Mammal Mounts.

There are many different kinds of mammals in this section.  From the archetypal deer head, elk, bear to smaller creatures such as the squirrel.  They are all in this section.

Reptile Mounts.

Snakes, crocodiles, alligators and lizards are all great specimens to collect if you are a lover of all things slippery and slimy.

Rodent Mounts.

If you like small animals such as rats, mice or chipmunks, then this section of our store is for you.

Spider Mounts.

For the arachnid lover amongst us, freeze dried spiders are great collectors items and also look great in a picture frame on the wall.

Wild Cat Mounts.

These wilder felines are a great addition to any collection of taxidermy animals.